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Your Guide to Getting a Summer Job


Summer is almost here! Time to start planning trips, camps, and summer jobs.

If you’re in the market for a new job this summer, we’ve got a few tips to help jumpstart your job search.

Ask friends and family

Where better to get your foot in the door than with someone you already know? Ask friends and family if they need help with their businesses. Even if they can’t connect you directly to employment, let them know you’re looking. If you’ve got a friend of the family you’re close to, ask if they’ll serve as a reference, because a good reference can really boost a short resume!

Think seasonal

If you only want to work during your vacation, look for a seasonal job. Fortunately, such positions are common in the summertime. If you live near a major tourist attraction, they’ll likely be bringing in extra hands during these months, as will nearby restaurants and shopping centers.

Other businesses, like construction firms and lawn-care services, do booming trade during the summer and will need extra hires. City park districts step up their programming to serve kids who are also out of school and may also be looking for additional workers.

Hit the pavement

It’s convenient to do all your job searching from the computer, but it doesn’t do much to showcase you to potential employers. Remember that most employers are looking for someone who will show up regularly and be presentable. Dressing to impress and stopping by with a resume shows responsibility and drive. That’s something no online resume can convey.

Make a plan for the paychecks

Getting that first paycheck can be an exhilarating experience – and a very short-lived one. It’s too easy for that hard-earned money to disappear. Making a plan can keep you on track. Decide how much you’ll save and for what purpose. Are you saving up to buy a new car? Do you have any upcoming trips or outings planned where you’ll need extra cash? What will help cover college expenses? Think ahead and make a savings plan.

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