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Ten Tips for Better Password Security


Research shows that 95 passwords are stolen every second, and roughly eight million passwords are pilfered each day.*

Having strong passwords can decrease your chances of becoming a victim. So, to commemorate World Password Day, here are some password-related tips for better online security:

  1. Use at least eight characters in your password
  2. Include random symbols, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters
  3. Change each password every few months
  4. Create a distinct password for every account
  5. Avoid using your name, birthday, address, pet’s name, maiden name, or other personal details that hackers can easily find out about you
  6. Use a free, online tool that generates hard-to-guess passwords if you have difficulty creating them
  7. Change the default password that often comes with certain technology equipment (such as routers and modems) to something more secure
  8. Test the strength of your passwords with free, online password analyzers
  9. Store your passwords in a secure, online password manager if you have trouble remembering them
  10. Take advantage of two-factor authentication log-in technology if it’s available because it provides another layer of password protection

If this seems overwhelming, focus on improving the password strength of your most important accounts first, such as your financial accounts. And then get to work on the others!

 * https://thycotic.com/resources/cybersecurity-ventures-protect-300-billion-passwords-worldwide-2020/