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Buying A Home In The Winter


Icy driveways and snowed-out open houses can be less than thrilling when you’re looking for your dream home, but there are some hidden benefits to purchasing a home at this time of year.

The advantages

Homeowners who choose to list their properties for sale during winter may be extra motivated to sell, or you may come across homes that have been on the market since the previous spring with an equally motivated seller. Combine these motivated sellers with a smaller pool of buyers during the winter, and you, as a buyer, have an advantage. These factors will make it easier for you to negotiate a lower price and perhaps to ask for extras like light fixtures and appliances.

Another perk? Buying a home in the winter can also mean enjoying better service from the professionals you work with during the process. Your real estate agent, home inspector and lender will have fewer clients and therefore be able to provide you with optimal service.

Don’t forget about the inspection! It’s sometime hard to tell how a home will handle the winter months if you view it and inspect during the bright and sunny days of spring. When you get a home inspection during harsh weather, you will be able to see how the house handles the cold, snow, and ice, and you’ll get an opportunity to check out the heating system.

Tips and tricks

If you’ve decided to go house-hunting during the winter, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask for photos showcasing the home’s exterior during the spring and summer months.
  • Offer a starting bid that is well below the listed price.
  • Ask for documentation, such as inspection receipts and purchase dates, for the home features that are difficult to check out because of the weather.

Next season’s sellers will start listing homes right before spring. So, if you can’t find that perfect house just yet, hang tight until you find what you seek.When you're ready, the USALLIANCE Home Lending Team will be here to help you finance that dream home.