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Beat The Heat With These Summer Saving Tips


Summer is here! And we at USALLIANCE want you to be able to enjoy all the family time, vacations, and beach days without worrying about your finances. So, here are a few simple tips and tricks on how to save money this summer and create the perfect fun-in-the-sun budget.

Tips on saving money this summer

  1. Seal your windows and doors: By sealing your windows and doors you help your air conditioner not have to work overtime and can save nearly 20% on your energy costs!
  2. Cook outside: Similar to our last tip, cooking outside can ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t over-work. Using a stove or baking in the oven creates a sizable amount of excess heat that has nowhere to go in your house. By cooking outside, you will help keep your house cool and lower your energy costs.
  3. Replace your air conditioner filters: Having a dirty filter is an easy way to increase your cooling costs as it restricts the airflow and efficiency of the air conditioner. Filters are cheap so replacing them regularly is an easy way to save your money in the long run.
  4. Dry your clothes outside: You can give your dryer a break by letting the warm summer air dry your clothes for free. Additionally, using cold water in the washer, rather than warm or hot, can save you money and will clean your clothes just as well.
  5. Shop what is in season: When you visit your local farmers’ market or grocery store and purchase be sure to shop the seasonal fruits and vegetables! This is an easy way to save money as in-season produce costs less than the out-of-season ones! If you want to be a super-saver, growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables is another fun way to save!

Creating a summer budget

  1. Assess your budget needs: The first step to creating any budget is figuring out what you plan to spend your money on. Once you have an idea of all the trips and places you want to experience this summer, figure out what the possible expenses would be and create a plan.
  2. Figure out how much you can afford to spend: Before you click “purchase” on those plane tickets, you should sit down and examine your finances to decide which funds are available for summer “fun”. If the amount that you can afford to spend is similar to the number that you have come up from assessing your budget needs, then you’re set to jet! Otherwise, you should decrease the amount you are wishing to spend on fun in the sun or follow a few of our summer money-saving tricks to save enough to experience everything you hoped to!
  3. Think about what is necessary: If the amount you can afford to spend is not enough to cover all the things you would like to do, it may be necessary to cut the most expensive or least important items from your itinerary. Not being able to take part in the activities you had planned is never fun, but by keeping the activity on your radar for next summer, you can begin planning and budgeting for it ahead of time.
  4. Find ways to cut costs: When planning trips, there are two possible categories to cut costs; transportation and food. Switching from flying to driving, taking public transportation once you arrive at your destination, or carpooling with a friend are all money-saving alternatives that can make your dream trip a reality. Additionally, limiting restaurant trips and stocking up on groceries can help save you money while you’re at home enjoying the summer with your friends or when you’re already at your destination.

These summer saving tips will ensure you enjoy the sunshine, without breaking the bank. Visit our blog to learn additional money-saving hacks, free financial education, and more!

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