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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Wallets



Will that be cash, check, or mobile wallet?

As contactless payment is becomes more and more prevalent, mobile wallets are quickly becoming the payment option of choice for many consumers. New to the mobile wallet scene? You're in luck - we've gathered some basic information to explain this new way to pay. And don't forget, your USALLIANCE accounts are compatible with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay®, and VISA® Checkout!1

What is a mobile wallet? A mobile wallet is a way to carry your credit and debit card information in digital form on your smartphone. Essentially, it’s another method of payment like cash or card that you can use in most stores. 

So, how do you use it? It might surprise you how simple it is to pay using your mobile wallet. Here's what you do:

  • Download the mobile wallet of your choice from the app store on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone or Android device, it's more than likely that Apple Pay or Google Pay is pre-loaded onto your device.
  • Open the app and follow the prompts to add your debit or credit card information. You can add one card or several.
  • When you are making a purchase at a participating store, open the app and select the card you wish to use to pay and hold your device over the PIN pad.


What else do you need to know?

It’s more secure than your wallet. And that’s a good thing. These days, many smartphones allow you to locate, lock, or wipe all of your data from your home computer should your phone ever get lost or stolen. However, if you lose your wallet, you’ll never see it (and all of its contents) again.

Additionally, mobile wallets usually require a four-digit passcode or a fingerprint before each purchase, making it more difficult for thieves to take your hard earned money.

It’s more than just a wallet. Like a real wallet, you can store reward points with your favorite retailers, airline boarding passes, concert tickets, and gift cards. And as an added convenience, your mobile wallet can offer coupons based on your current location.


Are you ready to modernize your wallet?

Should you decide to take you wallet to the tech level, remember that all of our debit and credit cards are compatible with many mobile wallets. All you have to do is open an account.

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 1Apple Watch and Apple Pay are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.