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Infographic: How Much Do Americans Spend on Summer?

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Summertime is almost here, and that means school is out, so is the sun, and it’s time for some fun! Whether you’ve got a vacation coming up that you’ve been waiting all winter for or you’re just planning to go to a few ballgames or concerts, you need to budget for those expenses. Summer vacations and entertainment is a ton of fun, but it won’t be so fun come the fall if you’ve exceeded your budget and put yourself under financial stress. Download this full infographic to learn about the average costs of some popular summer expenses including vacations, travel, lodging, food, and entertainment so that you can budget accordingly and maximize your fun this summer!

How much does a vacation cost?

Vacation costs will of course vary widely depending on a number of factors. Single travelers will naturally pay less than couples, for example. Also, the location of your vacation will have a big impact on the cost as well. Here are some average costs for different vacation scenarios:

  • A one-person vacation in the U.S. costs, on average, $1,578 a week.
  • Vacations for two travelers cost approximately $3,156 a week.
  • Two-week vacation in Europe for one person costs approximately $4,000 a week.

How much does vacation lodging cost?

Lodging on your vacation is one of the main expenses, but luckily there are several viable options available that are an opportunity to reduce costs. Between hotels, AirBnBs, hostels, and camping, there are a lot of choices for lodging with a wide range of prices:

One double-occupancy room at a U.S. hotel averages $205 a night.

  • An Airbnb rental costs $168 a night.
  • A hostel costs $10-$40 a night.
  • An RV site costs $30-$50 for a mid-range campsite.

How much does vacation transportation cost?

Another major cost for any vacation, transportation does not offer as many options as lodging. After all, you have to get to wherever your destination is, and sometimes there’s only one choice. If you’ve booked a vacation in Paris, there’s no getting around an international flight. However, if driving and flying are both viable options, this may be a chance for you to save:

  • A domestic round-trip flight averages $330.
  • An international round-trip flight averages $810.
  • Airport parking costs $18 a day.
  • Rental cars cost $65 a day.
  • Gas averages $3.61 a gallon.
  • Uber or Lyft costs $1-$2 per mile.

How much does food and entertainment cost on vacation?

If you’re on vacation or even if you’re just hanging out in your home city this summer, food and entertainment costs are certain to come up. Your choice of entertainment can make a huge difference in the cost of your summer. If you’re a huge sports fan and want to attend multiple games, your costs are going to add up pretty quickly on tickets alone. However, if you enjoy the outdoors, you could spend several days at nationals parks before you equal the costs incurred at the ballpark:

  • Food costs for one adult average $60 a day.
  • Food costs for a family of four (not including snacks/alcohol) average $132 a day.
  • One NFL game ticket is $151.
  • One MLB game ticket is $53.
  • One NBA game ticket is $94.
  • Theme park tickets average $75 a person.
  • Concert tickets for top 1,000 tours in the U.S. cost $108.
  • National parks cost $5-$30 per vehicle.


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